Ditchling Beacon, East-Sussex - Road Climb Profile.

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Beast of the South

As you approach from the North, Ditching Beacon and the South Downs ridge is easily visible on a clear day. There is only a single narrow road to the summit of the climb and the apparent steepness of the climb that awaits you does not diminish the closer you get.

The climb itself is short but tough. Starting from Beacon Road the gradient is gentle for the first kilometre or so. This changes very quickly however as you are suddenly thrust onto gradients topping 12-13% for short sections in places.The climb can be deceiving if you are not familiar with it in that there are a couple of false summits around right hand bends.

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The gradient doesn’t really let up until you reach the summit where you are rewarded with some spectacular views of the South Downs and a pleasing decent into Brighton.

The climb appears in several sportives in the area and is always featured in the famous London to Brighton ride, although the sheer number of cyclists on the narrow roads to the summit can mean a lot of congestion on the way up.